Trading Business

Our trading business, which complements our equipment rental business, involves the trading of both new and used cranes and aerial lifts. We also undertake sale and distribution of spare parts for cranes and aerial lifts.


We have a wide trading customer base comprising more than 100 customers and spanning USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa.

For the trading of new cranes, our team sources from original equipment manufacturers such as Kobelco.

For our used crane trading business, we have a reliable group of suppliers, whom we have long standing relationships with. From these suppliers, we source good quality and competitively priced used cranes.

Our reputation and experience in providing high quality reconditioning and refurbishment engineering services provides our customers with the confidence that the used cranes that they procure from us would be in good working condition. We believe that we have an established reputation amongst our customers for our reconditioned and refurbished cranes and this allows us to expand our trading business over the years.

Aerial Lifts

We are also engaged in the trading of new and used aerial lifts. We typically purchase aerial lifts from suppliers (including original equipment manufacturers) based in the United States of America, Australia, Japan and Europe.

We sell aerial lifts to customers in Singapore as well as to overseas markets like India, Taiwan and the Middle East.

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